Waterproof Coverage FAQ

Is RSA’s current Water Damage Extension (sewer backup) coverage changing?

Yes. Their coverage is being clarified to only cover losses for sewer backup, septic and sump. This will allow for clearer coverage in the event of a loss. Also, to account for the change, they have reduced their existing Sewer Backup coverage premiums.

Is Waterproof Coverage™ available for all locations?

There will be some locations that are not eligible for some sewer backup coverage.

Get waterproof coverage™ today.

To learn more, contact Steers today. Waterproof Coverage™ is offered exclusively through insurance brokers who deal with RSA.

I have home insurance – doesn’t that already cover me?

Your basic insurance policy covers only certain water damage, related to appliances or burst pipes. Sewer backup is a optional coverage. Until 2015, coverage for flood did not exist for personal insurance in Canada.

Sewer backup and flowing - what’s the difference?

Sewer backup (water that backs up into the home from the sewer line) is covered as an option under most home insurance policies, but an exterior flood- from a storm, overflowing eaves, downspouts or drains – that flows into the house is generally not covered.

What does Waterproof coverage™ add?

Waterproof Coverage™ adds enhanced protection against damage caused by storm activity and flooding eaves, downspouts, drains and sewer backup. Most home policies do not cover such damage. If you qualify for this coverage, RSA will not distinguish between whether the damage was caused by sewer backup, flooding, eaves, downspouts or drains. You’re covered regardless.

What's not Covered?

Waterproof coverage™ does not protect you from floods related to salt water, tsunami, dam breaks or a coastal flood.

Do I need to add waterproof coverage™ to my home insurance?

The waterproof Coverage™ endorsement is optional. Our goal is to offer you the option of comprehensive affordable coverage, but you can certainly decide not to purchase Waterproof and keep your premium cost lower.

Do other insurers offer a similar coverage?

Many insurers are starting to offer similar options. However, some of these are quite complicated in what they do and don’t cover. RSA has made it a priority to develop a coverage that is simple and easy to understand. If they say it's covered, it’s covered.