What do i need to know about making a claim?

Most claims are subject to a policy deductible. (Deductibles help make insurance more affordable for everyone by eliminating minor “nuisance” claims.) There is no coverage for losses that result from criminal behaviour by the policy-holder. And you can’t claim for the amount (if any) that exceeds the sum insured.

If you have suffered a loss for which you are insured, inform your insurance broker of the nature of your claim. If there has been a burglary or theft, the police must also be informed. You’ll be required to supply information about the circumstances of the claim as well as reasonable evidence to justify the amount claimed. Your insurer will want an accurate description of items stolen, for example, and will want to know when they were acquired and what they cost at that time.

A claims adjuster may then be appointed – at no cost to you – to look after the details. In liability claims, he or she will attempt to assess responsibility. You should take reasonable steps to protect against additional damage. If a pipe has burst, for example, shut off the water supply. In some instances, your insurer may arrange assistance for temporary repairs, such as covering a damaged roof, or boarding over a broken picture window.